We Love Our Community

We don’t blog often enough. We also don’t say “Thank You” enough to our community partners.

Last night, Petra Cliffs was invited to attend a film put together by St. Michael’s College, “Extremely Limited: the right to access and afford extreme sports,” put together by Seniors Lhanzi Lama-Giambrone and Elaine Ezerins.  The film focused on some of Burlington’s community organizations who work to make “extreme sports” accessible to everyone, regardless of age, gender, socio-economic status, and ability. “Extreme sports” were given a variety of definitions, but Vermont Adaptive Director Kim Jackson defined them well as “anything that pushes YOU to your limit.”

During the film, Petra Cliffs youth Climbing Team was featured with interviews of Team member Grace Hasselbach and her mother, Coaches Alana Benson and Eli Worley, and co-owner Andrea Charest. The features of other organizations were also infused with Petra Cliffs partnerships– collaboration with Dirt Divas, a program for young girls through Vermont Works for Women; with the Howard Center, for whom we host climbers from a range of their programs including the Autism Spectrum Program, Outdoor Challenge, Living Skills, and other Children, Youth and Family Services programs; and with Vermont Adaptive, with whom we have worked to open rock climbing to those with disabilities, ranging from blind and deaf participants to amputees and quadriplegic participants.

Petra Cliffs’ mission statement– through 15 years of business and 3 owners, has remained the same– “Petra Cliffs Climbing Center & Mountaineering School focuses on climbing and mountain-related education and recreation, accessible to all ages and abilities. We seek to offer premium instruction and services through experience-based education, uncompromising attention to safety and customer satisfaction, growth with empowered employees, and an inspiring atmosphere for families and friends to gather for challenge and fun.”

THANK YOU to all of the partners within our community who share the vision of making our natural world and enriching, empowering activities accessible to more youth, adults and families who wouldn’t be able to participate without you.


With Love, Petra Cliffs

Girls Rock! Expedition upon exiting the the technical Weybridge Cave.
The Petra Cliffs “Girls Rock!” Expedition 2014, upon exiting from the technical Weybridge Cave. There’s nothing like being deep underground and climbing your way out to make you feel alive!

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