Favorite Holiday Ideas

Some of Our Favorite Holiday Ideas for the Climber in Your Life

Maybe you’re a climber too, looking to get a clever gift for your climbing or adventure partner, whether you’re romantic with them or they’ve saved your butt a bunch of times. Maybe you’re not a climber- in which case, finding a gift for this misunderstood, addicted-to-climbing person of yours is a huge challenge!

Check out some of our favorites in the experience, gear, membership, books and art categories and be sure to put a smile on your their face!


First, there’s the gift of experience and education.

This type of gift doesn’t take up room on the shelf, and it’s something that can never be lost or forgotten. Climbing and mountain-related education is something that never goes to waste. Here are a few recommendations for gifts that Petra Cliffs can offer for youth to adult, beginner to advanced, indoor climber to outdoor adventurer. The best bet is to call Petra Cliffs to have us help you tailor your gift to your needs! Not sure about what to get? A Petra Cliffs Gift Card will let them choose their own adventure!

Hover over the photo for a description, click photo for full link to our website.

Then there’s gear!

If you’re looking for gifts for your backcountry skier, check out “A Few of My Favorite Things” by Steve Charest (Petra Cliffs co-owner and AMGA Certified Ski Guide & Rock Guide). To put it lightly, he is STOKED on skiing and getting others into the backcountry.

If it feels overwhelming to try to pick out the right shoes, harness, chalk, ice axes, boots, and the list goes on… you could get a gift card. We know, giving a gift card isn’t the most exciting for the giver, but as the recipient, climbers LOVE gift cards! And we love our local gear shop, Outdoor Gear Exchange. If your climber needs it, they have it. Gearx.com



…for the bits of time in between climbing, sleeping and eating. Climbing Magazine has put together the 33 Must Read Climbing Books, mostly in the alpine realm. As we were putting together our own list, we also came across Moja Gear’s List of 25 Books Every Climber Should Read— which had almost all of our picks on it as well. Below is a list of our own condensed favorites, a mix of rock and alpine climbing. Climbing High by Lene Gammelgaard was my gateway into climbing inspiration when I was in college!

Parents- you love protecting your kids…

…and here’s a way you can do that to ease your worries when they’re out in the mountains. We can’t recommend the American Alpine Club membership enough. Alongside gear and gym discounts, lodging discounts, library resources, and more, we love the security of having up to $12,500 in Combined Rescue Coverage. Trust me. It was only after I broke my neck mountain biking in Utah that I realized this might be a good idea…  americanalpineclub.orgAAC_Logo_Horizontal-01

Inspiration & Beauty

And last but not least, these gift add more inspiration and beauty to your climber’s life. These are some of our favorite artists, totally unique gifts that your climber can look at or listen to and remember you every time 🙂

Enjoy, and happy holidays!

Andrea Charest & the Petra Cliffs crew


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