Vermont Junior Expedition

  Last week was one of the busiest weeks for Petra Cliffs this summer; with several camps taking place on-top of our regular SumMAT Day Camp. We had our Science of Rock Climbing camp with Doug Millen from North East Ice stopping by to show the kids his UP Project helicopters, a Climbing and Sailing […]

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Winter Recap

Whew! It’s been a busy winter here at Petra Cliffs. So busy that we’ve hardly had time for a new post. So time to play catch-up and reminisce a bit on another great winter, now that spring is upon us. Let’s go back to the start of winter. In late October we held the Petra Cliffs Boulder […]

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The Science of Rock Climbing

On December 2, Petra Cliffs offered its first in a series of Free Member Clinics.  We began with The Science of Rock Climbing: exploring forces, friction, anchor considerations, hauling, ascending ropes, and how to maximize safety in climbing systems.  Instructor Mike Bauman, an engineer and climbing guide, led the group of 15+ participants after closing […]

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The Barbagallo party

The Barbagallo party joined us again this past Saturday to climb during their annual July 4th weekend extravaganza.  Many thanks to Dylan, Peter, Willa, Ben, Gabe, Jennifer, Meryl, Lillian, and Zach– great job climbing!

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2012 SumMAT Staff Training Week

It’s officially summer, even though the calendar doesn’t say so yet.  Summer at Petra Cliffs begins with the arrival of our summer camp staff, ready to attend a week of training before the influx of 50– yes, 50 per week this year– campers arrive on the following Monday. Our staff– and I hope I don’t […]

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UVM Outdoor Climbing Day

Culminating 14 weeks of climbing instruction, UVM Climbing P.E. students flocked to Lower West Bolton for a day on the real rock.  For many of them, this was their introduction to outdoor climbing, for many of them it was their very last class that they would take before graduating from UVM!  Thank you all for […]

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